5 Best Content Creation Tools For Marketers

Content Creation Tools plays a vital role in the world of digital marketing. You need resources to help you measure the success of your published content and to find ways to improve it. As more and more businesses move to online content marketing, it is even more important to be fully aware of your online impact.

These 5 content creation tools will help you create, track, and improve your online presence. They can help you to find right audience which is very important factor in a digital world.

  1.  Contently

Contently is a full service marketing company that can improve your content and increase your ROI. By using a “story telling” method, their team of over 45,000 writers, journalists, artists, and producers will help build and retain a high-value audience.

2. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Use CoSchedule to analyze the merits of possible headlines for your article. You type in the headline, and CoSchedule will give you a score between 1-100. You can easily compare different headlines until you get the one with the highest score.

3. Track Maven

Track Maven tracks the performance of all of your articles and webpages in one place. Get SEO analysis, create alerts, and compare your results to your competitors.

4. Mention

Mention lets you know who is talking about your brand on social media so you can join the conversation and increase your customer relationship management.

5. TrapIt

Trap It is a tool for marketers who want a more streamlined and successful social media experience for their readers. Users can choose from a huge library of previously tested content, and use the platform to more effectively market their brand.


What do you think about Content Creation Tools. Do they really help in digital marketing. Are you using these tools to get the most out of it? Have your say in the comments section below.


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