In this post, i will explain you 13 Proven On Page SEO elements that will definitely help to increase your website rank. All of the SEO techniques in this guide are 100% actionable.

1. Create Unique Titles for Each Page

Don’t use common titles for different pages. duplicate titles will negatively impact the ranking of your website/blog.

These are HUGE mistakes that sites with lots of pages make.

“Don’t do it Google does like it.”

2. Use Long Tail Keywords In Title Tags

Let’s take an example for the keyword – “LaserJet Printers”. You can simply use this keyword in your title tag to optimize.

But it’s smarter to embed a long tail keyword into your title tag.

(For example, you could optimize your title tag around “best laser printer” or “cheap LaserJet printer”).

That way, you can quickly rank for the long tail keyword  and over time you can ALSO rank for your main target keyword.

3. Focus On Actionable Content

People are more likely to share super-practical content. Readers will only show interest in your post if it will help them to solve their  problems.  Always think from user’s point of view.

4. Have a Privacy Policy and Terms of use Page

Privacy policy and terms of use pages help your website in looking legit. Users are used to seeing these pages on real sites. This may or may not be a direct Google ranking factor but it is important for traffic generation.

5. Update Old Content

As said by Brian Dean,  This might be the most underrated on-page SEO technique on the planet.

Updating your old content shows that you care about your content and the updated information tell users: “This page is up-to-date”.

6. Delete crappy blog posts

If a page/post isn’t bringing in traffic or revenue, it’s USELESS. So delete it.

7. Use Short URLs

Shorter URLs are better for users and search engines.

Shorter URLs tend to perform slightly better in Google than long URLs.

8. Want More Shares? Use Click To Tweet Buttons

Instead of a generic “share my post” call to action, use a “Click To Tweet” instead.

You can ask someone to tweet a specific tip, image…or even a quote.

9. Use SEMRush or other Tools to Check Your Site for Errors

Is On Page SEO important to you? If so, run a monthly site audit with  SEMRush or any other tool. They’ll scan your site for errors  and hook you up with actionable tips for fixing them.

10. Use a Number In Your Title Tag

Several industry studies have found that numbers  boost CTR. And this rule definitely applies to your title tags. So whenever you can, include a number in your page’s title tag.

11. Use Short Blog Post Introductions

It is  found that short blog post introductions provide an overview of your content without boring readers to tears. This is one of the main On page SEO tecniques to gain rank in search engines.

12. Optimize Your Meta Description for CTR

Google doesn’t use your description tag to understand your page’s topic.

But that doesn’t mean the description tag is completely useless. In fact, your description tag can make a HUGE difference in your CTR.

So make sure to optimize this for clicks and on page SEO.

13. Use a Flat and Wide Website Architecture

You want to minimize the number of clicks it takes to get to your site’s inner pages.

That way PageRank will flow evenly to your pages, making them more likely to get indexed.

(Flat website architecture can also help your inner-pages rank better)



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