Write For The GrowthVIBE

Thanks for your interest in writing on the GrowthVIBE Blog! We’re looking for fresh ideas from the intelligent minds in SEO, Blogging and Marketing to provide our audience with actionable, in-depth content that helps them better plan, organize, and promote their work. If you think you’re up to the task, keep reading to get all the details.

How Do I Submit A Guest Post?

Click here to complete our submission form. Please read our contributor guidelines before pitching, though.

We’ll know if you didn’t.

Trust us.


Who Are We Looking For?

We look for original (never before published) articles that contain tips, guides, reviews and videos that reveal how businesses can use social media platforms, SEO, Content Curation and social media tools such as analytics, dashboards, etc.

We accept pitches from content marketers of all stripes. Whether you’re working in an in-house, agency, or freelance role, everyone brings unique perspectives that are valuable to our audience. You should have at least a couple years of experience in the business. Previous pieces published on other high-authority blogs are a plus.

Which Topics Do We Cover?

Here are some suggestions for topics we’re looking for:

  • Anything to do with planning, organizing, or executing content marketing.
  • Tips for blogging, social media, email marketing, video production, search engine optimization, analytics.
  • How-to guides for all different skill levels, from beginners to advanced level.

Submission Requirements

If you only read one section of this page, make it this one. In order to make life easier, both for ourselves and our guest authors, we have some firm submission requirements that must be followed.

  • Your post must be comprehensive. Your post needs to cover its topic in full with no missing details.
  • Your post must be actionable. Telling people what to do isn’t enough. You need to show your reader how to get things done.
  • Your post must be at least 2,000 words. This isn’t because we think 2,000 is a magic number. It’s also not because we think longer content = better content. It’s because if you’re going to be actionable and comprehensive, it’s tough to write less than this many words. If your post is shorter, we will not publish it.
  • You must propose a target keyword. It doesn’t necessarily need to have high search volume. It just needs to be aligned with your topic and relevant to a task our audience would have questions about.
  • Your post will not be published elsewhere. We prefer fresh, original content that’s targeted to our readers.